-------------------> 24 hours per day, EVERY day of the year!

All you need to fuel at our location is a valid Visa or Mastercard. The pumps are at our office/warehouse location at 105 E. Lincoln Ave., Fort Collins, CO. If you need to use a check or cash you can fuel anytime during our office hours, 7 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday. Just stop in the office to get our "house key" to access the pumps. After filling your vehicle come back to the office and pay by check, cash or Visa or Mastercard.

We also now offer a 91 Octane Unleaded with NO ethanol! This pure gas harkens back to the good old days and is the BEST fuel you can buy for your small engines (chain saws, mowers, leaf blowers, R/C Aircraft/Cars/Trucks and everything else that uses unleaded gasoline. The lack of Ethanol means no more gummed up carbs or the dreaded ethanol gasoline "phase separation".

This non-ethanol premium fuel is NOT available at our pumps - but if you come into the office during normal hours we can fill up your cans or vehicle with the GOOD gas.

Fuels Available At Our Pumps:

    Enhanced Formulation ULTRAPREMIUMDIESEL
    (available in both On-Road and OFF-Road formulations)
    BlueSun B20 BIO-DIESEL
    UNLEADED Gasoline (85 octane)



Our keylock fuel system allows users to fill their tank anytime day or night without cash, using our Team Petroleum Prokee or VISA / MASTERCARD. The system accurately records each fillup providing you with an in-depth profile of your business fuel usage.

This type of fueling system can help save you money. Each gallon purchased is absolutely identified so you know exactly where your fuel dollars are going. This information has proven to reduce the misuse of expensive motor fuels by employees, turning unmanageable costs into profit. Also, your employees are less likely to waste time at our pumps, versus fueling up at a convience store (buying snacks, chatting with other employees, reading magazines, etc.)

Companies using our keylock system are issued a Prokee for each vehicle (or employee) that looks like a small plastic key and mounts on your key ring like your other keys. All employees who have access to the vehicles are issued a User ID number. When you need fuel simply drive to our convenient location, insert the Prokee and punch in the required information and fuel your vehicle. Our computerized system takes care of the rest by tracking the user, vehicle, time, amount of fuel purchased, mileage, and MPG giving you complete control of managing your fuel dollars.

Because each key is encoded and controlled by you, it is a secure system enabling only the key holder access to costly motor fuels. Even if a Prokee were to be lost, the key could not be used by a stranger (keep your User ID numbers private!). However, we have the capability of locking out a single key immediately upon request, if abuses are suspected, or if the Prokee is lost or stolen.

Using Team's fuel site can save you money over owning your own tanks. With tanks on your property come the potential risks and expense of spillage, pilferage, dispensing equipment costs, maintenance, additional cost of property liability insurance and costs involved when a spill occurs. Not to mention the costs associated with meeting local, state and federal regulating agencies hazardous material storage and dispensing requirements.


Team Petroleum is proud to offer our customers an alternative fuel option for those customers who own diesel vehicles. We now offer a premium B20 BioDiesel produced by Suncor Refining in Commerce City, Colorado. This fuel is a 20% bio, 80% fossil fuels mix that is safe to use in any diesel vehicle. If you've been thinking about trying an alternative to 100% fossil fuels, you can try a tankful or two anytime you'd like. Our B20 biodiesel works great in any diesel engine - year around!

Note: If you have an older diesel engine you should carry extra fuel filters for your vehicle the first time you try the B20 biodiesel. Biodiesel mixes offer many potential benefits; more miles per gallon, less of that 'diesel rattle' noise, less smoking, cleaner burning, smoother running* - and it cleans your fuel system too! This is why your fuel filter may become plugged using biodiesel! So we recommend that you carry an extra fuel filter with you. That way if plugging occurs you are not left stranded - you can install a new filter and resume your trip.

* these benefits have been reported to us from our customers using B20

Team Petroleum's future is taking care of customers just like you with Premium Quality Products, Excellence in Customer Service and Always Competitive Pricing.