Fuel Equipment

Fuel Tanks
Available for rental, lease and purchase, for big jobs or smaller ones. We have an inventory of tanks available to go, from 500 & 1000 gallon sizes (with 12V DC or 115V AC pumps) to 12,000 gallons. TEAM PETROLEUM can often set a tank at your job site the next business day. You don't need to be worried about fueling related down time and your equipment stays working longer by having a tank on site. Saves you time and money.

Hoses, Nozzles, Meters, Gauges, Accessories

We always have fuel hoses (3/4" and 1", in 12',16' and 20' lengths), nozzles (automatic shut-off and manual), tank gauges and meters, shut-off valves, filters, elbows, piping, tank gauging sticks (12' long), water-finder paste and more in stock. Whatever you need, we can get it for you if we don't have it.

Lubricant Equipment

Lube equipment design, selection, installation and servicing is a specialized niche market that requires knowledgable experienced experts in the field.

That's why you choose Team Petroleum.

Auto dealerships, Quick Lubes, Repair Shops, Service Centers - we have experience with them all. We can help you bring costs down and increase profit margins. Our partnership with Shell Oil Products U.S. helps you leverage massive corporate buying power and marketing expertise in ways that will grow your business and help you service your customers needs.

Lube Tanks
Available for rental, lease and purchase. We usually have tanks on hand for placement in your repair or service shop, from 75 to 500 gallon sizes. You can lower your per quart cost, increase profit margins and better serve your customers sensitivity to pricing with bulk tanks at your shop.
For lubricants (motor oils, gear-oils, etc) larger tanks can be custom built for any application or location you might need. Sometimes, for smaller shops or low quantity needs, a 55 gallon drum and hand pump will suffice (and cost less!). We strongly encourage you to call us and discuss your particular needs.

Coolant/Window Wash Tanks
We can also get you large plastic tanks (100 - 260 gals) for bulk storage of Antifreeze and Window Washer Fluid. Several of our 'quick-lube' type customers use these currently. With bulk tanks you can often lower your cost per gallon, increase profit margins.

Team Petroleum's future is taking care of customers just like you with Premium Quality Products, Excellence in Customer Service and Always Competitive Pricing.