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We can help you buy fuel better and keep your buses running

Team Petroleum offers the best selection of commercial fuels, oils, and other products you need to run successfully. Our products will keep your drivers on time and on the road safely.

We offer hydraulic oils needed for your fleet components, gear lubricants, heavy duty antifreeze, general high-performance engine oils, and multi-purpose greases.

Team Petroleum is one of the largest distributors of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a product necessary to run your fleet. We offer a range of products delivering ultimate performance through our expertly formulated products and expanded delivery network.

Buy Better

We provide a range of fuel pricing programs designed to minimize the risks inherent in volatile fuel markets and help you gain control of your fuel budget.

Stay Fueled

We simplify the time and effort needed to manage your fuel inventories, so fuel is always in the tank when you need it.

Ensure Safety

Our commitment to safety is part of every aspect of what we do—from fuel supply to storage to deliveries.

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