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Fleets & Transport

We value your business as much as you do. That’s why Team Petroleum offers the best selection of commercial fuels, oils, and other products you need to run successfully. Whether your fleet includes 2 tractor-trailers, or 150 school buses, our products will keep your drivers on time and on the road safely.

We offer hydraulic oils needed for your fleet components, gear lubricants, heavy duty antifreeze, general high-performance engine oils, and multi-purpose greases.

Team Petroleum is one of the largest distributors of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), a product necessary to run your fleet. Our DEF experts are in tune with every need and regulation you must abide by so that you can do less research on your needs and focus more on your business.

We offer a range of products delivering ultimate performance through our expertly formulated products and expanded delivery network.

Team Petroleum Fluid Analysis Program

Our fuels and motor oils not only enable your trucks to run productively, but our service offers enhanced efficiency and profitability. Keeping up with large fleets can be time consuming and downright confusing. With our Fluid Analysis Program, you can eliminate the confusion and headache of routine and equipment maintenance. The Fluid Analysis Program helps you optimize drain intervals, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and ensure the maximum life of your major fleet vehicle components.

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