On-Site Fueling
Available seven days a week - 365 days a year. We have experience fueling all types of units, mobile or permanent, at your job site or business. You don't need to be worried about fueling related down time, tying up an employee to fuel and your equipment stays working longer by having us do the filling. Saves you time and money.

Contact us for current pricing and availability.

Fuel Tank Rentals
Available for big jobs or smaller ones. We have an inventory of tanks available to go, from 500 & 1000 gallon sizes (with 12V DC or 115V AC pumps) to 12,000 gallons. TEAM PETROLEUM can often set a tank at your job site the next business day. You don't need to be worried about fueling related down time and your equipment stays working longer by having a tank on site. Saves you time and money.

Bulk Fuel Delivery
Available for those big jobs that require up to 8500 gallons, we have a fleet of bulk tankers available to take care of your service station, convience store or huge tanks at your business. We can deliver these big loads the next business day. You'll save money by buying in bulk. Call for a tanker load quote today!

Lubricant & Fuel Technology Seminars (example flyer)
Educating our customers is important to Team. As a result, we offer a Lube/Fuel Technology Seminar twice a year. These informative sessions with Shell's technical experts will keep you informed on the latest developments in fuels (including alternatives like Bio-Diesel and Ethanol) and lubricants.

We recently held a seminar featuring these topics: Changes in sulphur levels of diesel, what to look out for (low lubricity) and how to be ready. Other topics have included: How to use Oil Analysis to help prevent catastophic engine failures, Do you need the new CJ-4 engine oils?, Gear Oils, what the GL specs mean, Extended Life Coolants - Best choice for your fleet?, Heavy Duty Truck Industry Trends, and more! As you already know, education like this will save you time and money and we offer it to our customers at no charge.